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Badbaz Dijital İletişim (Badbaz Digital Communication), as a digital social media agency, was established in 2013, it is a digital agency knowing the value of today’s communication age very well. Badbaz means hand-held fan. It is read as it is written; it is written as it is read.

What do we do?


Social Media Management

Strategy? Target Group? Tone of Voice? Medias? The questions on your mind will never end. You can quickly find answers for your questions about Badbaz.

Social Media Advertisements

Just social media is not enough! It is required to support our communications with advertisements and to reach new and correct groups. We are ready for creating tour campaigns and advertisements!

Web Site Designs

You may need a web site following current trends! Let us quickly prepare a custom made web site with a modern look and equipped with new content!

Blog Management

We believe that very brand should have an institutional blog! Contents should be written, titles should be started and labels should be prepared. Would you like that your blog is managed?

Social media works

All works

What did they say?

"The most important factor for us to choose Badbaz, was their correct, different and striking approach that they demonstrated in the first glance. Now, we are working together intensively in social media and e-mail communication."

Fahir Ö CEO

"They always work over our expectation by making the work more enjoyable with innovative ideas. All of these make Badbaz irreplaceable for us. Badbaz team performs works almost as a department of our company."

Radore Data CenterCorporate Communication Department

"We thank you due to approach you demonstrated and devoted works to introduce our brand and manage our social media accounts during our working period which is close to one year."

Cengiz KüreliHot English Turkey - Owner

"Badbaz is a company carrying both our need and solutions to one step ahead beyond our approach. Being always one step ahead of expectations, makes working with them more enjoyable."

Emin Ali ÇakırkayaHarley-Davidson Bosphorus – Chairman

"They have a young, dynamic and most importantly principled team. We are together since establishment of webshop and it is very valuable for me they work as their own brand after they understood and embraced the brand identity."

Sedef Dü – Co-Founder

"In today, numerous agencies provide service about digital marketing, the features keeping them one step ahead is that they are solutions oriented. Badbaz is a team always coming with alternative solutions and having a high energy."

Eda TuranUrban Station Turkey – Marketing Director

How can we help you?

We can build our digital services and experience with your brand. Can you tell us about your brand?

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If you want to ask questions for information, we are here as Badbaz team. Please contact with us!

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