Web Site Designs

In today’s world, web sites are still among one of the best effective tools for communication, introduction and sales. Web sites are images of brands. People reach much information that want to learn about brand, on web sites. If you want to have a place on internet, do not forget that you need to have a web site and reach us!








Güher&Süher Pekinel

We have redesigned the website of Güher & Süher Pekinels, considered one of the best piano duo in the world!
User friendly, dynamic and modern with new interface is online!

La Lorraine Turkey

Simple to use and renewed with new trends in website content was published for La Lorraine Turkey.


The most innovative, reliable and fun technologies, dive and water sports lovers to set out to launch the new site of the project site was designed by Badbaz.

Flokser Carrer

A special career website was designed for Flokser Kariyer.

Antre Gourmet

We made e-commerce site of the best cheese brand’s Antre Gourmet of Turkey.
Opened in 2014, Kasinn has one of the most beautiful views of Kas with its different apartments and hotels. Kasinn’s new website has Badbaz’s signature.

Tavacı Ercan Usta

If you want to taste the special tastes of Anatolia with the real taste, the right address is definitely Tavacı Ercan Usta! The taste of the website belongs to Badbaz.

Saf Kitchen

In pure cuisine, untreated, plant-based (vegan) foods are obtained from fresh, full, unrefined, living / raw food. There was a Badbaz in the kitchen of Pure Kitchen…

Tazemasa Blog

We have created, designed and maintained the blog of Tazemasa with thousands of content.

Nermin Hanım Blog

We have gathered healthy living suggestions from Nermin Hanım. Badbaz’s signature in the design of the block.

Tatlım-Tatlım Bodrum

We created and designed the blog of the family who came from Istanbul to Bodrum in September 2016 and adopted the idea of yap moving to a seaside town in the Aegean where most people did not dare to dream!

Trio Coiffeur

The work of Trio Coiffeur, who has been serving the customers with its beauty army consisting of approximately 60 people, web designed was published by Badbaz.
We designed the e-commerce site of Derun, which grinds the natural and unadulterated wheat in the most healthy form without passing any seeds with the seeds, the extract and the bran.


ISEMARKET website was created by Badbaz.

Gülizar Boyacı

Gulizar Boyacı’s web site was designed by Badbaz.

Social Media Management and Advertisements

The importance of social media is a concept that its importance is increasing day by day for brand. It is now not a need but a requirement for brands. People state their comments, recommendations and complaints about brands and products and they exchange opinions over these medias. The number of the brands preferring do publish advertisement on internet, is increased daily. Advertisement works supporting the brand loyalty, is one of essentials of social media management. The purpose of advertisement works is to reach more target group with correct advertisement works to be performed for the brand.

Social Media Management

Managing channels of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Social Media Advertisements

Making all advertisement strategy and planning for “tazemasa” since its establishment.

Blog Management

Managing web site, entering content over 1000 and providing an important traffic for web site.

E-Mail Marketing

Planning e-mail process those planned as week and monthly, designing and managing them.

Social Media Management

Managing channels of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Social Media Advertisements

Determining advertisement works focused on campaign and contest and preparing edits.

Social Media Management

Managing channels of Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Advertisements

Fictionalizing advertisement campaigns focusing on sales and new customers and preparing advertisement works focusing on discount or special day campaigns.

Blog Management

Managing blog platform that we created content on every matter about health and olive oil.

E-Mail Marketing

Preparing and sending e-mail designs to new customers special for campaigns and harvesting period.

Social Media Management

Managing channels of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Social Media Advertisements

Managing advertising of Facebook ve Instagram.

Social Media Crisis Management

Taking measures about crisis which are suddenly occurred or previously planned, taking required steps over previously determined strategy.