Who are we?

Badbaz Dijital İletişim (Badbaz Digital Communication), as a digital social media agency, was established in 2013, it is a digital agency knowing the value of today’s communication age very well. Badbaz means hand-held fan. It is read as it is written; it is written as it is read.

Badbaz Dijital İletişim (Badbaz Digital Communication) that was started to operate in İstanbul since 2013, proceeds on its own way to perform good works with new brands and new customers, now in Aegean Region and Bodrum. It does not matter whether your brand is located in İstanbul or Bodrum. Our team is ready for you!

Eray Dengiz


Ceren Dengiz


Tarık Can Özkan

Art Director

Deniz Demirel

Brand and Aegean Region Manager

Ozan Demirel

Aegean Region Manager

Can Cihan

Creative Director

Şemsa Abbasoğlu

Brand Manager

We, as Badbaz Dijital İletişim (Badbaz Digital Communication), attach importance to work online, manage our team under the title of “our online team” and make more effective works by creating a special team for each brand. You can now call us to have an actual digital agency experience.

We think that every brand is an individual in social media. Also, we know communication language is more important than anything else. Beginning from this point, we have a content writer pool that we created within our body from different areas of interest and from different tone of voices. Before starting with a brand, we choose content writer from this content writer pool who can reflect the language of the brand and we start to work together.

Within in our online team, we have designers and advertisement specialist except our content writers we keep working together for our brands.

Content Writer

Content Writer

Content Writer

Content Writer

Content Writer



Advertising Specialist

Why are we different?

We love

We perform our works with love.

We are one of you

We consider ourselves as one of you.

We produce solutions

We do not produce problem but solution.

We are fast

We try to provide feedback fast.