What do we do?

Social Media Management

Strategy? Target Group? Tone of Voice? Medias? The questions on your mind will never end. You can quickly find answers for your questions about Badbaz.

Social Media Advertisements

Just social media is not enough! It is required to support our communications with advertisements and to reach new and correct groups. We are ready for creating tour campaigns and advertisements!

Web Site Designs

You may need a web site following current trends! Let us quickly prepare a custom made web site with a modern look and equipped with new content!

Blog Management

We believe that very brand should have an institutional blog! Contents should be written, titles should be started and labels should be prepared. Would you like that your blog is managed?

E-Mail Marketing

More than half of internet users check their e-mails daily.

E-Commerce Management

In consistently developing e-commerce market, the brands are required to be kept updated.

Social Media Monitoring

Talks those spreaded and called as “word of mouth”, are considered as basic for social media.

Social Media Crisis Management

A comment that was written on medias about the brand, can reach many people in a short time.